About The Firm

Margol & Margol, P.A. is a law firm with a history of success in the courtroom. Our practice is focused on complicated areas of civil litigation. From medical malpractice to theft of intellectual property, the attorneys take a great deal of pride in giving detailed, individualized attention to each case. Margol & Margol, P.A. does not advertise. We do not solicit our clients. Many times, our clients are referred to us by other attorneys, judges, physicians or former clients. Often, our clients have been unable to get clear answers from those involved.

At Margol & Margol, our team of Jacksonville lawyers thoroughly evaluates the merits of each medical malpractice case before filing a lawsuit. We will only proceed with a malpractice case if it is supported by highly qualified experts. We recognize that the defendants in these cases rely upon the substantial financial resources of their insurance carriers who will aggressively defend cases even where there has been clear medical negligence. Despite the financial resources of the insurance companies that defend these cases, the medical malpractice attorneys in our Jacksonville office continue to achieve success at trial due to their commitment to justice and to their clients.

We provide free legal services to those who cannot afford to pay a lawyer through our own pro bono service and through the Jacksonville Area Legal Aid Program. The attorneys of Margol & Margol have also supported various charitable organizations including the Hubbard House for Abused Women; the Salvation Army; the Sulzberger Homeless Shelter; the American Cancer Society; Cerebral Palsy of Northeast Florida; the Police Benevolent Association; the Alzheimer’s Association; Dreams Come True; The Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute of Florida; and Episcopal Children’s Services.

We never charge a client for discussing and evaluating his or her case. If we accept a case involving a serious injury or death, we will always agree to do so on a contingency fee basis and to advance the costs of litigation, if the client so desires.

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